Monday, June 11, 2007

Theo on the War in Iraq

The single most important issue that will confront the next President of the United States is the question of what to do regarding our presence in the quagmire we have made in Iraq. Before the war in Iraq ever started, I said that it was wrong in its conception. In 2002, I wrote that Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the United States and that invasion would lead to an occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. Since then, I have laid out a plan on the way forward in Iraq that has largely been affirmed by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton.

But the question is not simply whether or not to bring our troops home. If that were the only question, I would answer without hesitation – yes. Still, the bigger question is what to do about the devastation we will leave behind, how to forestall the possible genocide that could result from a protracted civil war, a civil war that now includes a Sunni militia we have helped to arm and train.

The answer to that question is drastic: what Iraq requires is a raid group. We need to put together a 40-man raid group of twinked out 70s and eradicate the insurgents be they Sunni or Shiite, Al Qaeda or otherwise.

I propose eight main tanks – four prot warriors and four belf pallies, each flanked by a resto shammy. In addition, each five man group will include a rogue to support the main tank and deal uber dps, an arms warrior to off-tank, and a fire mage to throw mass aoe at the enemy forces.

In order to be fully up to speed from the moment I enter office, I have dispatched my alt to Baghdad so that he can report back to me on the exact state of affairs in Iraq. Upon his return I will be fully briefed and I will keep you informed of my progress in the formation of a raid group.

That’s my plan, America, and that’s why it’s time to put a Tauren in the White House.



Rawrthas said...

I can't tell if you are seriously running for president or if this is all a well-crafted joke.

Either, way Theo for prez 08, yay

Theodoric said...

Oh I'll be at BlizzCon. I'm running. I think it could be good publicity for the game.

Vlas said...

I look forward to seein a Tauren in real life!

Theo said...

They'd better raise the roofbeams. I can fill up some space.

Averill said...

I look forward to seeing you at Blizzcon, and hearing more from you there as well as in the meantime (and undoubtedly thereafter)!

I'll get back to work on levelling my main (a prot blood knight) should you require her services.